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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2014 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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we're not going to we will not stop. what is more pressure. for. iraq says terrorists have seized nuclear materials in the country and could use them to make weapons of mass destruction and. that's. not good. if you're obama says to ramp up its war against hamas rocket attacks kill more than seventy palestinians inside gaza half of them women and children. degrading spectacle and deeply shocking german politicians away you know on the u.s. spying scandal it comes after a second government official within a week is still working for washington and this time its military more.
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is just gone midday here in the russian capital you live with us on r.t. international terrorists in northern iraq have seized nuclear materials that could be smuggled out of the country and used to make weapons of mass destruction that's according to an official iraqi letter to the u.n. obtained by reuters it comes as jihad as they are bolstering the group on territories in syria and iraq which they are calling that islamic state parties lindsay france has the latest. what we've learned is that in a letter to the united nations iraq announced insurgents have seized nuclear materials from moscow university according to iraq's u.n. ambassador mohammed al hakim at least forty kilograms of uranium compounds were stored in the university said the materials obtained can be used in manufacturing
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weapons of mass destruction and warned they could easily be smuggled out of iraq a u.s. government official told reuters news agency the materials are not believed to be enriched uranium and therefore make it difficult to make into a weapon it's also been revealed that islamic state the militants the group formerly known as isis captured a facility on june eleventh of thirty five miles southwest of baghdad which was once offered by saddam hussein's regime and is believed to contain two thousand five hundred degraded rockets filled with potentially deadly sarin and mustard gas but u.s. officials have downplayed the risk claiming the materials are too old to be useful however given the instability within the country and its proximity to syria this is still a very huge worry as lizzie mentioned the militants have made significant gains in recent weeks the seizing entire arsenals they've already paraded columns of tanks and even the scud ballistic missile the chemical side says took at iraq contains
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a number of deadly agents including serin cyanide and mustard gas and now the jihad does have nuclear materials which could be used to make a bomb but u.s. congressional advisor what need for washington is done playing the crisis. is a very serious development regardless of how you know weaponized this material now of course in washington going to be a debate about is this really propaganda from the iraqi government or is this real no matter what if this material has been taken. over any others you have a fashion it's not just about the material it's about what can this organization you just know do. it is not necessarily nuclear material but it dirty bomb could be the outcome so i think that the next few days the united states government of both executive and the congress are going to focus on this issue but at the same down they're going to try to downplay it because of the seriousness of it and they don't
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want to quit the political crisis before they make sure of what this material is those u.s. congressional into terrorism adviser will lead for us there stay with our team for the latest on this developing story. twenty people have been killed in the deadliest overnight air raid on gaza since the current offensive began early on choose day israel has vowed to intensify its shelling a with a enclave that's despite at least seventy five palestinians being killed inside the strip over the past two days among them over a dozen children. the thing about. the mad dog that you talk. from as you never know when i am alone. when i'm looking at that moment that's a mental. was that it was was. i i.
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was i was. i was was. you know out these guys off the shoals claim and many of the houses destroyed by israeli rockets don't even belong to hamas militants reports also say half of all the casualties from air raids are civilians with nearly six hundred palestinians injured but israel leadership is pushing for ground offensive with potential deployment of up to forty thousand troops the united nations is warning the situation is dangerously close to a full blown war our correspondent policia reports from the israeli border with gaza. on the israeli gaza border where the mood is extremely tense throughout the course of the day we've been hearing is radie warplanes dropping the deadly cargo on gaza which is just a short distance behind me this is actually the closest you can get to gaza from
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the israeli side and every so often you see these huge plumes of smoke that show where these raids strikes have hit as is always the case it is civilians that are also being injured and killed in this israeli operation that is now in its second day at the same time here in southern israel the mood is also very very tense there has been the red alert which is essentially a siren warning people that the iron dome anti-missile defense system is being launched to intercept a rocket some gaza people have been ordered to stay. inside bomb shelters in cities as far afield as both to abuse a limb and television even cities that are further one hundred forty kilometers from the border the iron dome has been activated to stop these long range missiles making their way veer from the gaza border thousands of reservists have been called at as you drive these route roads you see israeli soldiers on some kind of movement so this certainly is something happening on the ground the latest word from the
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that hamas will pay we are hearing from the hamas leadership that unless israel stops with its operation it will continue with its bombardment of rockets policy r.t. on the israel gaza border. and we're talking activism aria france and from other women for international solidarity he believes israel is treating palestinians or just like it always has. it continues like this escalating i think we have to prepare for the worst it's just a continuation of the occupation that's there for the fans of yours on the grounds of the bookie that goes through the checkpoint just to show them gets killed and the rest of the regularly in the occupied territories but i think it's nothing new or numbers all for palestinian children in israeli prisons grew up to seven hundred . for every. child killed there are fifty palestinian to be killed this girl
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feels no pressure to change what they are doing no and so do try to hit us or. the people in gaza. villages you were spies scandal in germany has prompted outrage among politicians with a second government employee now suspected of working for the prying ally a member of the social democratic party said that it is a degrading spectacle to watch u.s. spies being exposed on a weekly basis and the defense minister stated that the case has shaken confidence in the united states and a german a member of the european parliament called the incident deeply shocking which caused a deep lost of trotz now this isn't the first time american intelligence has been called snooping on its own allies let's take a look back at the scandals the full scale of the snooping came to light last june the agency at access to up to half a billion german data connections every month a month later it was revealed that german intelligence cooperated with the n.s.a.
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using the agency's infamous x. keyscore software in october an international scandal erupted as it was revealed the cell phone of the german chancellor angela merkel has been tapped and at the end of that year becomes clear that the british intelligence agency was also is shopping on german targets february this year german media reported the as they have then chancellor gathered to shoot us phone calls in the run up to the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion of iraq author and papa says william and all believe the u.s. isn't going to stop spying on its ally any time soon. obama administration is clearly good for critical it has no intention of his sleeve. downscaling any of its espionage activities on european union politicians on some of nato member stations no matter what the pretty words are the effect of these scandals where the average german is to really weaken the affection for the
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united states that the majority of germans during the time of the balloon perilous in the fifty's and so forth so that has pretty much been spent now the n.s.a. snowden affair. did a lot of damage but now these new scout bills are. making it a major major question for any government to try to defend at all costs the special relationship with washington. the n.s.a. doesn't spy on only foreign citizens the latest batch of edward snowden's revelations claim that the agency has been targeting prominent muslim americans even though there is no evidence any of them are connected to terrorism is where in a part i report on the reaction to the surveillance. in the wake of this latest government spying revelation the american civil liberties union has announced that
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a coalition of forty five civil and human rights organizations have written to us president barack obama demanding a full public accounting of these latest surveillance prop this is in question now affording to the interests of the five american muslim citizens that had their e-mails monitored by the n.s.a. and the f.b.i. in food aid rutgers university professor who is also president of the american iranian council an attorney who represents clients in terrorism related cases the executive director of care the largest muslim civil rights organization in america the national chairman of the american muslim alliance which supports muslim political candidates and a long time republican party operative who formerly served as a lawyer for the department of homeland security none of the men have been charged with a crime in connection to the apparently monitoring of peaceful gil one of the five americans targeted tells our team he has no idea what would leave the n.s.a.
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or f.b.i. to think that he's someone that they should put under surveillance especially given his resume served in the united states navy and worked in the bush administration at home a security. clearances so. i think the biggest reaction that i have is i have no idea what i have done what's in my background that would lead them to surveil or i mean i am a muslim and i did work in. addition levels in the government that's about the only thing i could think of i just can't think of anything else the u.s. office of the director of national intelligence and department of justice issued a joint statement calling the intercepts allegations entirely false insisting that no he was person can be the subject of surveillance based solely on first amendment activities and any. surveillance unless it's an emergency must be approved by the foreign intelligence surveillance court when greenwald who broke the story with
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fellow journalist move taza hussein says this is one of the most important revelations to come from the snowden leaks because it puts a face to the n.s.a. surveillance overreach it also apparently shows that domestic spying abuses are targeting minorities and activists for simply exercising their basic constitutional rights. are to me or. another person on the n.s.a. as a snooping list seemed a us office attorney said his thoughts on why he was targeted. it's not my religious belief just being a muslim i think whether you're a secular muslim practicing muslim like myself or not practicing muslim i think the fact that you're a muslim and you've been of government power i work for a member of congress and for me to be targeted there's really no other explanation it's very troubling it's like a peeping tom crossed. the hall or across the road from my house i mean
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it's violates your privacy people you e-mail the people who e-mail you your family and there's a lot of things in an e-mail that can be taken out of context on the way in the many faces of london. like with kids with its middle class. a new report reveals the british capital is actually not a multiethnic melting pot that some make it out to be will have that story after this. interview.
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with. some of. the consumer. to. choose the stories get him. to speak. to. you. please. please
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please please. please. please. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. on a maronite in the financial world. to talk to seems to goldman cannot stop it is a very funny take on the demand the credit is not going to get any better in life there are and there are but. this is r t international the east then ukrainian cities of. being surrounded after
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president petro poroshenko approved a plan for a military assault on the resistant house in other cities have been the stronghold of the anti-government movement in the east and the capitals of a self proclaimed republics these are the pictures we've been getting from of the region apparently showing ukrainian war machines are rooted in battle cities that of them have been enduring overnight air raids and most recent attacks have left after three people dead they were if an arsenal is there for us today again we walk up from very loud sounds of tillery we are in the city center and the shelling was so close that we were able to hear the launch of the shells and we were also hearing how they were lending the anti government forces continue to shell the ukrainian army as positions in the outskirts of the city with the country's military firing back it happens very often that shells land in quite unexpected
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places in the city center in many residents have already fled the city and people continue to leave people were terrified by promises from key to surround the city of donetsk and lugansk and fears were rising that it could become useless beyond skin color tours to the centers of the operation for months where clashes were very fierce and very deadly but lugansk is a very big city with a population of more than four hundred thousand people while deniece gets home to one million people and concerns were rising the consequences of such strategy also will be bigger and. a team of international observers travel to slavyansk and found the city severely damaged now they say they were shocked by what they saw take a look. the there was quite a bit of devastation there obviously we were the first international body to get into this city there is very no electricity no water lack of food supplies
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a.t.m. machines were working and it's basically a ghost town right now more than half the population has a lot of people according to our monitors people there felt very kind of alone and almost abandoned. ever since every school in kiev the ukraine's been firmly in the headlines over the conflicts in the field and the battle over guest supplies but for some in washington has opened a whole new way to cash in on the changes and it says you can explain. for some top u.s. officials ukraine is not just about politics it's about business family and friends but one connection leads to another and the business is now finding its way into the u.s. congress. a week after vice president joe biden's son joined the board of ukraine's largest gas producer secretary of state john kerry's form a senate chief of staff signed on to lobby congress on behalf of that same
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ukrainian energy company another gentleman from team kerry joined the von archer who was once john kerry's advisor in bonn learned his presidential campaign these people are no strangers to each other divine archer and joe biden son worked as business partners with john kerry's son in law christopher heintz oh yes and buddhism of their new employer is controlled by. former ukrainian government minister all these sons and friends of u.s. officials say they're on their own that they're disconnected from the decision makers in washington but of course nobody can stop them from benefiting from the policies in the buildings around here members of congress are already writing letters saskin to provide us funding for ukraine's domestic energy production here is one of the senators. i think if we are going to be helping them with new technologies and we should we should have a telescope time frame that we create for doubling of natural gas production inside
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of ukraine and we should set those goals set benchmarks and then let's meet them and help us make sense of this house of cards where one connection leads to another where it's all business and it's all personal here's craik. it's not just about lobbying for this one particular for me in ukraine right a u.s. state department spokesperson told congress this tuesday that ukraine's entire gas supply and production system is corrupt and needs fixing and the u.s. of course can help and one can only wonder what u.s. companies and what individuals would benefit from that fixing what do you think well we don't have to wonder too long because what we've seen is a scandal here we're. well connected relatives cronies of. very influential officials are already on board and the point where i know some took what happened after one of these there were all kinds of conferences how
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americans and american companies could make money out of the situation buying influence in washington is not called corruption in america it's called tapping into new opportunities in washington i'm going to check on. what's true because of my it's me like these roving russian streets now the country isn't quite the champion of modern public transport we'll have a look at what happens when one of russia's top tank manufacturers waves in check out what its brainchild the so-called bad travelogues like from both inside and out of our cheese website. also online a prominent canadian ecologist you once decided to drop out of greenpeace has had another change of heart to you said global warming is just a fantasy no one will. write to see. first street. and i think you're.
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on our reporters were very. instrumental. in the. elsewhere around the world the six people including four children have been killed and one more wounded in a shooting in houston texas according to local authorities a man opened fire in the suburban house and then attempted to flee the scene but was intercepted in quanah by the police five people died on the spot well one child was taken to hospital the doctors were unable to save him that's also why the deadly domestic dispute has identified the shooter. greenson has been hit by a twenty four hour strike public sector workers protesting against austerity measures including the forty percent reduction in salaries and pensions many of the country's cities have been disrupted and several parts of the country are facing
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power cuts the government has asked the high court to rule the strike as illegal and abusive. london's massive population may be diverse but the multicultural melting pot there is not working that's according to a new report which points to barriers between the city's ethnic communities are just part of boyko reports. politicians celebrate it sociologists lowered it and londoners well they take it for granted the british capital is so multicultural it is the first city in the u.k. where white british people have become a minority over a third of london's residents were born outside of the u.k. and of foreigners over three hundred languages a spoken on the streets of the city and if you tried we could probably track down representatives of every race religion culture and nation but here's the thing
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according to a new report by the social integration commission think tank london may be diverse but people are sticking to their own kind the capitol is the place in britain where ethnic communities mix the least we do think of london as being a melting pot we do think of it as being the most diverse part of the country diversity does not automatically lead to integration when we look at a school playground and we see that white kids are playing with white kids black kids with black kids middle class on their own working class on the road i think is a gut reaction that that most of us would say that that is a bad thing that we want some kind of mixing better than that there's a growing trend for white britons to leave the capital for other areas prompting concerns the city could be sleepwalking into ghetto like segregation is probably an element here in london where people living busy lives there commuting long distances so their free time in london is probably less than is elsewhere in the country and then where they're choosing to spend that free time is with people who
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look to a greater or lesser extent like them this isn't about saying hello to people on the boards this is about a little bit further having a conversation on the books so it's a step further from diversity in toleration into something a little bit deeper and that's where we see those divides coming a little bit clearer and those dividing lines could lead to greater fragmentation right. then integration. by the latest episode of the duck a reality news team is coming up next stay with our team. from time to time i get emotional emails in broken english from quote nationalists of various sort who support the current government in kiev and it makes me wonder if young people today even know what the word nationalist means for example just
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last week a bill was passed in ukraine that will open up forty nine percent of the country's gas pipelines and storage facilities to european and american companies let's also not forget that joe biden son was put on the board of ukraine's largest gas producer we should also remember all the way back to the first days of the coup against you know covert what did the nationalists do first sign up big time for i am loans wow putting your country into massive debt with foreign entities now that's a nationalistic and would you think ukrainian nationalist would put ukrainians into power all over the regions of ukraine well think again because money sure trumps ethnicity what it comes to the two thousand and fourteen governor's line up and most importantly of all how can nationalists want to join the e.u. which is lefty liberal paradise where patriotic movements are the black sheep of the continent so my dear detractors who write me letters just what sort of nationalist revolution are you so proud of i'm sorry but i'm not seeing your triumph but that's just my opinion.
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my marin is joining me on in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary contributes and much much. only on the bus and only on. the knees today amid signs of moderate progress a serious pace to. many many places in o.t.l.
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supposed red square a little strange refused to release an arcade saying exactly what it was supposed to see the game sold. originally sold. it. means. it's one of. the fears of a third intifada because of the growing violence between israelis and kind of people citizens palestinians how would you say i would say the residents of the of . the situation is escalating palestinian and i'm not only demonstrating that playing style or should not the situation is escalating and the violent keeps going on both sides of the link is that the palestinians are not to be carrying out demonstrations they also good for instance of killing women and indeed in the early one.